Posted by: Mare F | October 4, 2015

Spinzilla 2015

Tomorrow morning, at 12:01am, begins the spinning event Spinzilla 2015 and I have signed up as Rogue Spinner thanks in part to my good friend, Jenna. I got the original email from The Woolery announcing it and pondered it for about 90 seconds before deleting it, but Jenna then shared it on my Facebook page and I could see the writing on the wall. Ultimately, if I turn into a decent spinner, I will have Jenna to thank for it. I know that I couldn’t ask for a better spinning buddy/mentor because the woman is fearless. This helps quite a bit.

Spinzilla and fair doily 002








So, I’ve tidied my spinning corner  a bit and given up on the chocolate Jacob that I was spinning just until I get through this next week. I can’t remember where I got this 2 pound bag of Corrie cross roving, but once I signed up for Spinzilla and started rooting around in my baskets of roving this bag began winking and waving at me.  The goal for both Spinzilla and personal is to get the 2 pounds spun before Sunday, Oct. 11th, at 11:59pm. This will work twofold for me. I should be able to get the mile of yarn goal and I will have enough of my spun yarn in dyeable form to make myself an item from yarn completely processed by me from roving to finish. Lofty goals I have today.


Spinzilla and fair doily 001


So, this is one of the many things on my plate this week. I have a show at the Riverton Fall Festival this coming Saturday,   2 doilies to finish preparing for entry into the fair on Friday, finding pattern ideas for my second crocheting class, and demos to set up at school for the students to experience during Spinning and Weaving Week, which starts tomorrow as well. Looms will be traveling as will my wheel one day this week. Now, tell me, what marvelous things are you working on this week? When I get to Columbus Day I will be seeking some inspiration….my mind will be a blank, I’m sure.


Spinzilla and fair doily 003






  1. I’m so jealous I can’t wait to see how it goes and hear all about it. I would so love to have a spinning wheel.

    • I was lucky enough to get one from friends, but I do have a drop spindle that I would like to become much better at using. It’s much more portable and then I could spin anywhere. Thanks for your comment and I’ll update at the end.

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