Posted by: Mare F | September 27, 2015

Time to make the…..

I’ve started off the fair season this year misjudging time. Brilliant beginning! I was fully convinced that I had another week to go for two back to back shows which were last weekend. That certainly does elevate the adrenalin rushes to new heights! Happily I had stock prepared, but my felted hats needed a bit of tweaking so only a couple made it to the Apple Festival in Granby last Saturday. I will say that I was very happy to have finished up the fingerless mitts on Friday night and tossed them into my bag because they sold in the first 20 minutes.


fingerless mitts 2








So this lead to scrounging through the keyhole scarf stash to see what other fun yarns could be found to whip up into mitts. I love this yarn and mitts are the perfect use for it as it’s not as soft as I’d like for a keyhole scarf. The colors are literally brilliant.



fingerless mitts


And I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not having more cotton items on hand when I know several people personally who have fiber allergies so I’ve started another group of keyhole scarves and woven scarves in cotton. Next is to find a cotton that will work for mitts as well. Here is my first cotton keyhole scarf in Sugar ‘n’ Cream cotton.


cotton keyhole








So, all in all I’ve a bit of knitting and crocheting to do before my next show on Oct. 10th at the Fall Festival in Riverton. I also have to finish up the doily for my fair entry and I’ve just started to test knit for Round Mtn. Fibers. Their yarns are lovely, by the way, and I’m certain that you will hear about them next week! So, this is what my plans are for the coming week, what are your fibery goals?





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