Posted by: Mare F | April 26, 2015

A visit to the CT Sheep Breeder’s Sheep and Wool Festival

The sky was a breath-taking blue, the few clouds were softly white and wispy, and the sun was shining brightly on Saturday morning as we set out on our trip to Rockville, CT to the sheep and wool festival. The wind was traveling right along with us at a brisk clip just to make the day a bit more interesting so I was very glad that I’d worn my vest over my sweater. It was the perfect weather for a day spent inside of barns and outside at booths.


ct wool fest  raffle prize 001ct wool fest  raffle prize 002


Now I have to admit right here that the timing of my cleaning frenzy week before last was very good. I only had to tell myself once or twice that I didn’t need any roving or yarn, but the fleece sale was a bit of a hazard. I really don’t need any fleece right now either, but after attending the Connecticut Wool Blanket Workshop to see if I was skirting my fleeces properly was tough. The workshop was very informative and holding it just feet away from the fleece sale was a great temptation. I did find out that I wasn’t doing that badly on my processing, not that I’ve done a lot of it, but I was definitely not as graceful about it as I might be. I’m itching to build my skirting table and hopefully this time next year I will be coming home with a  fleece from this festival! The best part is that I believe that all of the necessary items for my skirting table are already out in the barn!


ct wool fest  raffle prize 003ct wool fest  raffle prize 005


Now, I did come home with a set of felting needles, not only do I  need them, but the container that they are in is perfect and has room for the needles that I already have as well, 2 prints – I love this gentleman’s work and knew that his booth would be a challenge – some very inexpensive roving for my needle felted air fresheners – and some tiny pottery items from East Knoll Pottery for the fairy garden I want to make to place near the Hawthorn tree I planted last year. Oh, and I finally joined this wonderful association so that I will not have to rely on my memory for any upcoming events. I almost missed the festival this year with everything that’s been going on here and that would have been a real shame. My goal it so to volunteer next year to help out in some capacity so knowing when they need help is rather important, don’t you think?


ct wool fest  raffle prize 004


And I almost for got to mention that I received my prize from the raffle that Calicofarmchick held on her Etsy site to raise money to send some 4H children to horse camp this summer. It was a very generous raffle and I understand that they raised enough to send all of the children, horses, and accompanying adults so life it good! The colors in these batts are amazing and I can’t wait to play with the bling…now to get enough time to finish up the roving that has been languishing at my wheel for far too long. Oh, for just another hour in the day to do just as I please to do. What did you do over the weekend?


ct wool fest  raffle prize 006



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