Posted by: Mare F | April 19, 2015

Spring Break

I  didn’t get a lot of crafting done this past week, but I did get some organizing and spring cleaning done. A few more days and the cleaning part should be all set and then I’ll turn my mind back to my studio stock. The local farmer’s market won’t be an option for me this year due to some unexpected  financial hiccups, but since I really haven’t made a habit of making year round or summer items I’m viewing it as another year to prepare. I can only go so far with dryer balls, dish clothes, and dish towels. There is now an official “summer show” list of ideas and we’ll see which ones work out and which one do not.

scrubbies 001







A couple of winter projects did get finished up. I’m very excited about them and it’s a bit hard to turn my mind to warm weather creating when these items worked up as expected. It shouldn’t be such a treat, but really, I’m always surprised when an idea works the way it’s meant to do. This picture has also reminded me that I have to fix the mannequin’s eyelash! Who knew that this would be an issue?


button hood 001

And then the baby woobies/lap robes have resurfaced. I got an order for 2 from an old friend who ordered one 10 years ago, remembered me, and ordered not only another baby  woobie, but an afghan for the first little girl. So I’ve begun to make some of those up for stock as well.


crayon afghan 001







Now to bring out the cottons and lace-weight to begin my summer items….what do you like to work on in the warmer months?


  1. I’ll spin and make felted hats any time of year 🙂 But yes need to keep making scrubbies and other summer things too.

    • If my day job didn’t infringe on my crafting time… 😉

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