Posted by: Mare F | January 11, 2015

Fresh start



My goal for the beginning of this year was to not only try new patterns, but to make up stock items as well and so far it’s been going as planned. I’ve taken a hard look at my stash and, after the decision not to buy any more yarns unless it’s for a specific order, I’ve managed to resist all of the wonderful sales that have been going on at my favorite shops. It’s been tough! The inbox is a dangerous place for me. WEBS and Paradise Fibers are the most hazardous, but so far I’ve managed to stay on course and just head to my drawers of yarn when I want to play with something different.


children blaclavas 002








A friend was kind enough to measure her granddaughter’s head and neck for me so I could start making the children’s balaclavas that I’ve wanted to make for some time. I plan to have a good supply of them in a variety of colors and colorways. I think that the bright colors will appeal to children and possibly prompt them to dress for the weather….or at least not hate dressing for the weather.

building up the stock again 001I’ve also filled a big bag with some of the single skeins I’ve amassed that are fun or interesting colors and textures. These are the start to my keyhole scarf selection and of course, the flower pin finishes up the skein. These pins have been such a hit that I’m still a bit surprised. I must admit that they are rather fun to make.

stock and ponchette 001







And I can’t forget the dish cloths. It was such a surprise to discover at the Vo-Ag Christmas fair that I had only blue and blue & white dish cloths left that I’ll be making them for quite some time. It seems to go much more quickly, though, when I don’t try to make a certain number of them all at once, but rotate through a few different pieces at a time. Not a hard concept, but one I’ve clearly missed for many years now. So long story short (I know, too late) my resolution to approach my studio work in an orderly manner with the emphasis on creation and a break on purchasing is going well into this second full week of the new year. How are you doing with your resolutions so far?

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