Posted by: Mare F | January 4, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions


Last year was a very hectic year for me and I fear that it’s because I let my organizational guard down. I changed my routine this year by playing with patterns and fibers earlier in the year and then got caught up in quite a few orders. I love that I have the orders – I get to design new scarf patterns for each person who orders them – but I didn’t get any additional stock made for the fall craft show that I do every year and to add to the madness I picked up 2 new shows. I decided last year to start doing more local shows again and I can’t imagine why I thought that all of the organizing and work would just magically happen. I’m brighter than that!

Apple Festival Granby 2014 004







Then I spend a wonderful summer dyeing wools and making crocheted flowers for my son’s wedding in September. 160 flowers to be exact. Why I never really factored the amount of time spent on these flowers into my studio time I will never know, but I can now see in a very big way just how much time was involved.

flowers! 001

And then off to Rhinebeck where I got some fun toys that I still haven’t had the opportunity to use. I have vowed to spend the time I have for my crafting in a much wiser manner this year, but still work in some new things while maintaining the old. Oh, and as for my stash….I’m going to tackle it with a single-minded determination that will see me in a much better place come summer. Have you made any resolutions or promises for this new year?

studio pics 150

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