Posted by: Mare F | February 3, 2014

Spinning and spinning

I think I’ve finally found my stride with my spinning wheel. It winks and waves at me daily and not an hour passes when I don’t sit down to spin for a bit. It’s still not consistent enough for me to sell, but I’m excited that it’s finally consistent enough for me to plan a project around a ball of roving. I’ve been working on an Iris potluck roving from Paradise Fibers and I love it.

iris potluck 001I ordered another potluck roving with this one and it may be the next spinning project up. It’s bright and cheery which is an added attraction with our return of winter…snowing again today. Anyway, the Iris roving and the other ball are really a pick-me-up when watching the colors twist together to make up my yarn. I’m really looking forward to dyeing!

roving 001And today I got this month’s fiber club package from Paradise Fibers. These packages are too much fun to get in the mail and on a snowy afternoon it was a double delight.

Feb fiber club package 001The pink is a merino/silk blend that should be scrumptious if I don’t mess it up. I may wait a bit before jumping into that one. I’m sorry that it took me so long to get to the stage, but I’m very glad that I’m here.

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