Posted by: Mare F | January 12, 2014

Busy, busy, busy with my yarns

I’m steadily working on filling orders and replacing stock for the shows later this year when cold weather items will be a hit, but I really want to try some new patterns and ideas out. Tea cozies are my latest love. With a circa 1970 pattern book, a wicker tray of Palette yarns from Knitpicks, and my size 6 needles I’ve been having a grand time making up cozies out of swatches. This system appeals to my thrifty nature…I’m trying out new stitches in small sizes, but not  wasting time by making them because they become a rather cute and useful finished item when done.

studio pics 184


I admit I’ve gone a bit overboard ordering different colors to mix and match on the cozies, but how can I help it when Knitpicks has 150 colors!

studio pics 148

And they really are a quick knit and not the least boring so this has become my “undecided on my next project” project. I can always have a good time making these up.

studio pics 149


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