Posted by: Mare F | August 2, 2012

What color is in your yarn basket this week?

I’ve been looking through my yarns again. I did fairly well the beginning of the year working out of my stash, but then came the Shop Hop and it started to spiral downward. WEBS got in more of the luscious Saffron Manos cotton that I bought in June so of course I had to order more so I could make myself something truly special out of it.

Then came the closing sale of a local yarn shop. I went in with all good intentions of just getting sizes 1 and 0 double-pointed needles to make my socks. I was sooooo close to the counter when this amazing yarn called out my name, really, I swear it did, it called my name.

Now tell me you could have walked away from this yarn. Really? So last weekend, when I couldn’t make a decision on anything and decided to spend the rainy weekend watching mysteries and rolling yarn I dug into one of the baskets of yarn that I received from the Vo-Ag dept in June.  Several times since I brought the yarn home I had a stroke of brilliance on a project for it only to be deterred by the necessity of rolling it into a ball. So that was how I spend a good portion of this past weekend.  What does your yarn basket look like this week?

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