Posted by: Mare F | July 11, 2012

Camping or not

It would appear that due to unforeseen circumstances I won’t be going camping at Lake George, NY this year. It’s a bit sad, but inevitable due to work issues so I will just revamp my plans for the coming weekend. I’d been trying to decide which acrylic project to start for this trip…picking pine needles out of knitting is not a good time nor is trying to follow a pattern by a  camp light. As an added bonus it’s always rained so my pattern would become damp and my scratch marks would begin to run. Hmmm, maybe sitting on the deck with my current project won’t be such a bad thing?

This would be the perfect opportunity to start a cabled scarf. It’s been too long since I’ve worked a cable and since I can work with some of the wonderful yarns I purchased on the Shop Hop – I can move inside if it rains to my dry livingroom – I think this should be my plan. I have a lovely tan yarn that I will be able to see the stitches in and plenty of peace in which to reacquaint myself with my cable holder.

We will be attending a graduation party on Saturday so it would probably be wise of me to choose a less taxing project to take with me…perhaps I’ll start the baby bib and washcloth sets I’ve had in mind. Those certainly need to be washed so working on them at an outdoor party shouldn’t be a hardship. Then perhaps I will do some more work in my garden beds. Slowly but surely they are getting to where I want them to be. Next year I should be able to plant lots of dye plants in the front bed. Won’t that be fun?

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