Posted by: Mare F | February 19, 2012

Travelin’ Yarn

Where do you do your hobby? If it’s portable do you take it with you? Do you have a back-up plan? I learned years ago during doctor’s visits, baseball & soccer games, and car trouble to be prepared and I’ve tried to do so since. I have a tote that lives in my car. It has comfortable handles, lots of room, and it’s squishy – meaning I can stuff it in between luggage, groceries, the spare tire or where ever I need to make it fit so that I can rest assured that if I end up waiting somewhere for whatever reason I can start, continue, or finish a project. It can be very calming depending on where you are when you utilize it. It’s also very handy if you go on  a yarn buying trip with someone else driving and you just can’t wait to get home to dig into your new stash although it doesn’t always make you popular with the driver.

Yarn survival kit

I was thrifty, and green, when I scoured my local thrift stores for a makeup bag to put my needles, hooks, and good stuff into my tote. I just made sure that the zipper worked well and the bag had no extra holes. You certainly don’t want your stitch markers roaming around your trunk or back seat with the other car detris…it can serious affect your fiber when the time comes for the two to meet. Once I had my bag I rummaged through my knitting cabinet to fill it with what I thought would be the appropriate items for any situation.  Needles, both a circular pair and a short straight pair, 3 crochet hooks, stitch markers, scissors, a tape measure, stitch holder, and a safety-pin for good measure.
I realised that paper and pen would be helpful after writing down a fledgling pattern on a paper towel with a crayon at a soccer game. The book is for patterns and ideas, the sticky notes to keep track of rows. I’m not sure that I ever recreated that first pattern the same way again, but I did learn my lesson and it’s served me well over the years. This bag goes to fairs with me and it’s been to Lake George, NY on several occasions.  I’ve also added a spare pair of cheaters and a lip balm since you never know when you will need either one. Now, the biggest decision I have is which yarn do I place in the bag to surprise myself with on some future busy day.  So, do you travel with your hobby?


  1. I never go to an appt. Or baseball/soccer games without my knitting! When we go on vacation my knitting is always the first thing packed 🙂

    • Great minds, darlin’, great minds.

  2. No, I haven’t traveled with my quilt project.

    • I can see where your quilting wouldn’t be a comfortably portable hobby.

  3. I always have a tote of something to do. Usually a pair of socks on the circular needle.

    • What a good idea. I’ll have to add that to the collection. lol

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