Posted by: Mare F | February 12, 2012

New ideas

Yesterday was a banner day for me on fresh ways to treat current projects. While washing dishes I realized that I think I would like to work a hood onto the Updated Drape Shawl I made in the Dazzleaire yarn about a month ago. It’s been sitting on the stand since I made it waiting for that something special to finish it up and I think this just may be it. A hood and a frog, or maybe a hood and an I-cord tie. I’m still not sure about the closure, but the hood is a definite. Now to decide just how I’m going to put it on the shawl. Do I lose the collar or do I put the hood farther back? An interesting project for a cold blustery Sunday in February.

Soon to be hooded.

I also finished the cotton scarf on my RH loom yesterday only because I have all of the fun stuff I got last week to weave and while I’m not bragging about it, I think once I’ve washed it and worked it a bit I will have a passable scarf. Then again maybe not. I clearly have some selvage issues, but in my defense I was hurrying and not even sure if I wanted to keep it. It was an experiment and I’m not sure that I have the talent or patience to work with it now so I’ll shelf those totes for a later date.

Experiment with crocheting cotton on the loom.

I did warp the loom with Modea Dea Tutu in Geranium and I can’t wait to see what this looks like woven. This bright, cheery scarf should be just the thing to make the dreary February days pass a little quicker. This is such a fun and forgiving yarn to weave with that I wish I’d gotten more. It’s a wonderful distraction to sit a the loom and work with a colorful fiber after a long day. I find it the perfect way to lose myself and it doesn’t require the concentration that following a knitting or crocheting pattern does. Pure relaxation! Do you have a favorite way to relax with your hobby?

Next project up on the RH loom.


  1. I can’t wait to see the shawl with the hood.

    I love the red coloring on the yarn.

  2. Thank you, Dru Ann. The hood will be fun if I get it on there decently and I too love the color on the loom. It’s very cheerful.

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