Posted by: Mare F | February 5, 2012

Fiber Road Trip

Yesterday, for the first time in over a year, I went on a girlie road trip to go shopping for yarn and other goodies. Looking back at the day, I’m not sure why I stopped going out on jaunts like these because I really, really enjoyed myself. It was inspiring, relaxing, profitable, and just plain fun. Isn’t it funny how, for one reason or another, we change our routines and don’t even realize it. I’ve vowed that I won’t let this happen again. I’m so full of wonderful ideas and creative energy today that I wish I had 4 more hands so that I could work with everything that I got yesterday.

The boss checking out my purchases.

Now even though I have the All Buttoned Up shawl from Austentatious Crochet going in Caron Simply Soft Bone yarn, which is now on hold until I pick the last skein to complete it, and the fingerless mitts in Kraemer Tatamy Tweed brown for my son, which is on hold until I pick up the second skein to complete, I had to jump in and start the Bonsai Shawl from Interweave Crochet Accessories in a beautiful sweet potato shade of Berocco Vintage yarn. This shawl pattern is a breeze to work and I suspect will be charming when it’s finished and blocked. I see it becoming one of my go-to patterns for gifts and the studio. Can’t be made in too many colors is my thinking. What do you think?
My one finish, kind of, for Finish Friday, is the second square for the All Buttoned Up shawl. This is another easy and warm pattern of which I anticipate making several in an array of colors. I was hoping to make the last paragraph of my Sunday blog about the project that I actually finished, but sadly I don’t have one this week. If I can settle down and focus, perhaps I’ll have several for next week. To anyone who will be crafting and watching the Super Bowl tonight…Enjoy!


  1. Looking good Mare, looking good!!!! I made 1 mitten, Alex has 1/4 of a scarf done, I anticipate that I’ll be finishing that too! Just made some hummus with the tahini & dried chick peas from yesterday’s spree. Can’t wait to resume on my knitting, soon very very soon. Love super bowl Sunday for projects & half time. Woo HOO

    • Thanks. You’re cranking right along there yourself. You got chick peas yesterday?????

      • I sure did and I even remembered to soak them overnight!!!!

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