Posted by: Mare F | February 2, 2012

Yarn bouncing

This is a seriously scattered time for me. I think it might be because the shows are over for a few months and this is traditionally when I’ve had the time to start new projects and experiment. Now that I’ve added so many new things to my “I want to do right now” hobbies it has gotten even worse than usual. I am trying to work on items for my studio as well a few gifts so I’m not scrambling when the season rolls around again. I’m hoping to not find myself making 18 felted hats in a row so that I have them when I need them. Variety really is the spice of life and the saviour of my sanity. The ideas are flying into my head so quickly that even though I am writing them down I have trouble making myself finish one project before jumping into another.

This is one of the three squares I am working on from the Austentatious Crochet book. The three square button together to make a lovely shawl, but for practical – and lazy – reasons I am not going to sew on the 42 buttons to make this a shawl that can be made into two different styles. While the buttons are lovely, I have waist length hair and unless I wore my hair up every time I wore the shawl I would spend many unhappy moments untangling my locks from the buttons. Plus I’m bone lazy when it comes to sewing and the thought of 42 buttons makes me cringe. This and the first square look to be my Friday Finish project since I haven’t gotten back to my son’s fingerless mitts since I beat up my hands at work.  Maybe those will be next week’s finish. That would be lovely.

I also want to make up some cotton baby bibs for the studio. They look adorable and they are very soft. AND there are no plastic edges or iron-on pictures on them to begin the latex allergy trip. I would like to make something to go with the bibs as a set, but I just can’t decide what to make. Booties don’t necessarily go with bibs, hats are seasonal for the most part, and toys don’t mix nicely with baby food.  If anyone has an idea for me to jump on I will be happy to entertain it and perhaps pass along a bib to the idea maker. Thanks for thinking about it.


  1. I just love your post. How about some little baby washcloths to go with the bib? 🙂

    • You are brilliant. I am already doing the spa sets so I should have thought of this. How cool would bright, cheerful, and soft baby clothes be? Oh, I can make little animal shapes. Thank you!!!

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