Posted by: Mare F | January 15, 2012

The rug loom…

My goal today is to warp my rug loom. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. It would have been done before now if I’d had a clue as to where I am attaching the back half of my warp threads, but I suspect that YouTube will play a big role in today’s adventure. I have my copy of The Rag Rug Handbook, the directions for my warping board, and my spools of warp cotton. I know that I can do this, but my mind is just not wrapping around the process so I’m dragging my feet. This is a serious failing of mine and one I need to work on changing. I can’t wait to make the rugs, I’m just not sure of myself to be fearless about warping. Rather silly overall.



It’s a perfect day for staying inside and working with wool. The wind is howling around the house and the temp is a bone chilling 1 degree F. Some hot tea, my handbook, a scratch pad, and I should be golden. The pictures will tell the tale.

I’ve hit my first snag. After finally figuring out (I think) the right number of epi and the correct sequence on the warping board, I find that my back is screaming after about 25 rounds. I need 384 if my calculations are correct so it would appear that you won’t see a picture of the loom warped today. I will however continue to return to the warping board to continue my wrapping so that with any kind of luck and a good breeze I will have much more interesting news to share with you on Thursday.


Commonsense has finally prevailed. I am going to order the Warping Your Loom DVD from Interweave. Sometimes¬† I can be so dense it amazes even me. I’ve been beating my head against a wall on this for 4 months. Should have just ordered the video earlier! I guess I’ll head off to work on a rug that I can make now. Thanks for your patience on this one.

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