Posted by: Mare F | January 13, 2012

Inspiration and creation

Where do you get your inspiration? I’ve been giving this some serious thought since I would really like to make some truly unique items for my studio and I can’t think of what has inspired me in the past. There hasn’t been a conscious moment when I’ve seen or heard something that has sent me to my yarn stash, yet I’ve designed quite a few of my own things. What made me do it?

When you do get that flash that shoots wonderful ideas into your brain do you write them down? Draw a picture of the idea? Keep a notepad handy? Just get your fiber and start working? Isn’t is interesting what a complex thing creativity is? I can see a pattern and know immediately what yarn I would like to see it made up in, but on the flip side I can look at yarns and they don’t talk to me very much. Oh, I love touching them, and looking at the bright colors, and finally watching how they work up into the pattern that it’s taken far too long to decide upon, but I don’t see a yarn and hear, “Sweater, hat, scarf, mitts.” I feel I might just be lacking in something here. I like the things that I make, I just wish I knew how I decided on the manner in which they are made.

So after lots of thoughts on this matter I’ve made little progress.Since I don’t know what inspires me I don’t know what to do or where to go in an attempt to jumpstart my creativity while the craft fair season is slow and I have the time to play. Any ideas?

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