Posted by: Mare F | January 5, 2012

Current WIPs

I hadn’t realized until a conversation today that I had made it into the new year with no Works In Progress from last year! This, I believe, is a new record for me.  If you are anything like me you have several projects going at once and I suppose that makes sense. Sometimes you just have to change the item you are working on whether it’s because of yarn color (dark is very tiring on the eyes), stitch (complicated takes so much more brain power), or boredom (once in a while you just have to do something different – yarn, stitch, craft.) Now since the first of the year, and yes I know it’s only been 4 days since the first of the month, I have an assortment of things going on. I’ve started a crocheted rag rug out of the left over bits of Sugar ‘n’ Cream cotton yarn I’ve amassed. I’m just tying it all together and crocheting ’til I run out. Then it will find a basket to live in until I make more things in cotton thereby creating more bits and pieces. Believe it or not, this actually makes me feel somewhat organized.

I also have a knitted shawl  that I’m making decent progress on. This is meant to live in my car when it’s done so I’m making it out of an acrylic yarn. One never knows what will happen to things in the car if the carpet in there is anything to judge by. I’m also getting to use the new stitch markers that I bought at the Vo-Ag craft fair that I attended last fall. They are lovely, only one size which is rather large. I couldn’t use them when I was knitting the fingerless mitts because they were too big for the size 2 dp needles I was using. Now I get to look at the pretty beads as I knit. I am very easily amused on occasion.

There is a white flecked crocheted scarf/shawl that I began on Sunday as well. It think that it will be very nice when it’s done, but I’m not sure about the size. I may have to modify the end result a bit, but that won’t be a first. Do you find yourself changing patterns to suit your wants? Oh, and I started weaving a scarf on my Rigid Heddle loom out of crocheting cotton. I’m not sure at all about this project, but it’s an experiment that I will run with until it looks like one of us will get hurt. How many projects do you have going?


  1. Love what you’re doing. I’m starting a new quilt project once I get my new sewing machine up and running.

    • I really envy you your quilting. Sewing machines give me the raspberry every chance that they get. You do such nice quilts.

  2. I love your idea of using the bits left over from another project to make a rug – great ‘recycling’!! I haven’t worked on my 2 WIPs since ‘ last year’ haha. I need to get back to them asap!

    • I have a tablecloth started somewhere upstairs with bits of crocheting cotton in a granny sqare pattern also. I can’t wait until I find that!

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