Posted by: Mare F | January 2, 2012

New Year’s Day

In an effort to comply with my desire to focus myself this year I made up a list yesterday morning of tasks I wanted to accomplish today to promote my “new” regime. The list contained tasks such as crocheting an item, knitting an item, warping my loom, chopping up my lichen, setting up my warping board, measuring my garden beds, eating a piece of fruit, working on a cross stitch piece, listening to an audio book, reading a book in print and on my Kindle, going for a walk, and going to a party. This is all in an attempt to be a little bit of everything I would like to be doing this year on it’s first day. I would not recommend this as an exercise in focus! I found myself wandering around the house in an even more scattered manner than usual, but  I had accomplished half of the list in just over a couple of hours. I figured a few cups of really good coffee or Prince of Wales tea and I’d be good to finish the list before I turned in. I was wrong, but not by many items and I finished those this morning.

On the reverse side I was trying not to do some things that I don’t want to do a lot of in the next year. Ironing, dishes, dusting, and laundry are just a few. I know that I will have to address each of these chores, but I’m trying not to make them the core activities of my daily routine. We shall see how this works out.

I’d mislaid the crocheted shawl pattern I wanted to start , or rather the fates had decided that this is not the project for me right now so it was interesting to see which item leapt from the files as my first crocheting project of the year. There will be pictures of it soon, once it actually becomes longer than 2 inches. It rather makes it an adventure, don’t you think? The knitted triangular shawl I’ve started is out of a Dazzleaire yarn – the autumn jewel-tone colors – in a straight garter stitch increasing each row. I’m looking forward to making this big enough to wrap around my substantial self for my walks. Not wearing items I have made is another failing I have noticed in myself so I plan to correct that this year as well. While I’m cleaning out my mountainous stash of yarns the main objective will be to make myself a few items for comfort, usefulness, and beauty. I’m tired of treating myself in the bottom of the list of things to do. What do you plan to do differently this year?

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