Posted by: Mare F | November 1, 2011

A snowy October weekend

Well, it would appear that my plans to forage for dyeing materials has been somewhat sidetracked, at a least for the time being.  We were hit with our first “winter” storm of the year, Alfred was it’s name I believe, and on Sunday morning I woke up to 20 inches of snow in the yard! The damage  that this storm wreaked in my yard amazed me, but what it did to our state is unbelievable.

Our power went out Saturday night at 11:05. We haven’t seen it since. Now, it’s really not that bad a situation for us. Growing up in the country in New England has ingrained some habits in me that make my life that much easier at times like this. Our house has a gas cooking stove and gas water heater, we have a kerosene heater, 3 battery operated camp lights, and a battery operated radio. We live in town so we have city water and sewer so showering, dishes, and coffee aren’t a problem. And of course I have yarn and wool.

I think that I’ve managed to weave 5 scarves, knit all of a child’s hat and 2/3 of a hat to be felted. I’ve done some much needed reading. It’s quite relaxing once you accept that there isn’t a thing you can do about the situation. Oh, and eat. We have done so much cooking in the past few days to use up the food in our refrigerator that the added poundage may be frightening. It also didn’t help that we have bags of Hallowe’en candy and no trick-or-treaters. I suspect when the power comes back on the chaos will return, but for now it’s nice and peaceful…well, except for the drone of the occasional generator running.


  1. I’m just amazed at the amount of snow you guys got. In. October.

    • It was a bit of a facer. I honestly thought I’d be doing the rest of my yard work after school by now.

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