Posted by: Mare F | October 26, 2011

Look in my basket

Since the desire to spin and dye my own wool has overtaken me the trunk of my car has a whole new look. Now there are baskets, string, bags, clear glass jars, and clippers. In theory, if I see something I would like to make a dye out of, I can just stop, pop the trunk open, get the appropriate tool, and gather my goodies. We shall see just how well this works out.

Now that I have all of the equipment, or rather the equipment that I think I’ll need – we’ll see how that works out – I just need to be able to find the time to do this. I’m a little panicky because our weather forecast appears to be shooting right past autumn and into winter. We have a  chance of snow/rain mix tomorrow and my gardens are still untended. It looks as though another pair of Wellies for the car is in order. Happily, as it stands, next week will be in the 50 degree F range again so hopefully I won’t be mulching over snow. Won’t that make an interesting picture?

The clouds are rolling in, the breeze is upgrading to a wind, so I think I’ll settle into my loom for this afternoon and plan my trips to the woods. A lovely way to spend a gray day with, I think, a cuppa Prince of Wales.

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