Posted by: Mare F | March 18, 2019

And it’s a pair of mittens….

Finally, I finished my first pair of mittens in a few years and I’m thrilled. If I hadn’t had some frogging issues (found a dropped stitch in the decrease after accidentally pulling a needle out of the stitches) I would have cast on another pair last night, but I was too annoyed with myself to go and dig through my mitten yarn basket. Later today, with a cup of tea, I shall start again.


I’d forgotten how satisfying mittens are as a finished project. Is there one particular project that you truly enjoy working up?


  1. I really enjoy knitting sweaters. Jolly red mittens you’ve made!

    • Thank you! I am envious. I can make sweaters, but not one’s that fit me. LOL. I do have a Gansey sweater on my bucket list…right after a Shetland hap and Irish crochet. A few more hours in my day would be lovely.

  2. Beautiful, Mare!!! Nothing like red mittens.

    • Thanks, Kat. Next up are yellow, I think.

  3. Beautiful!! I need to find a mitten pattern I can crochet. I hope to go to the library this Thursday for the crocheting/knitting group so I can get help with a cardigan pattern. I really enjoy making afghans. Have a co-worker of my sisters who wants me to make her an afghan for a queen size bed so may be working on that soon. Right now I am making an afghan for my sister with brava worsted in coral from knitpicks. Love this yarn so soft and easy to work with.

    • Brava is a nice yarn to work. The last mittens I made that was the yarn I used. I have a couple of crocheted mitten patterns, but I haven’t tried them yet. The queen size should be a challenge. Good luck.

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