Posted by: Mare F | February 18, 2019

Snow days

Still hold much of the same magic that they did for me as a child. I expect that part of it comes from working in a school and therefore getting the day off,  but I also think that it has something to do with the fact that I dearly love my four distinct seasons. I have lived in different parts of the United States, but I still end up back in New England because I need to see the changes I associate with holidays and traditions. Even when I didn’t work in a school the beginning of September with its cooler evenings and brilliant colors always made me think of new shoes and sharpened pencils.


HPIM3333 (1)

Back to the bonus of snow days. The time becomes a treat of sort, to be savored by walking in the snow, sledding or skiing (if you’ve the inclination,) or just curled up with a book on what would otherwise be just another day of routine events. Even though today is President’s Day and we aren’t scheduled to be at school it feels special and the couch, with Thin Air by Ann Cleeves, is beckoning to me. This afternoon, while the clouds scuttle overhead and the flakes swirl about outside of the windows, will be spent with Weldon’s books and a pot of tea. Dinner will be made, but it’s quite reasonable to assume that it will come out of the freezer – saved leftovers for just such a day.


  1. Sounds like a cozy day. Most of our family is off work today, so we’re all going bowling!

    • What a great idea. Doug has to work so it’s very quiet here with the cats sleeping in front of the fire. Enjoy!

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