Posted by: Mare F | January 31, 2019

Thursday chat

Mittens are my bugaboo this week. I’m having a hate/hate relationship and I know it’s because I’m being impatient and short visioned  I’ve ordered another 32″ needle, this time in size 7, from Chiaogoo for my two at a time mittens. If I was making them just for stock it wouldn’t be a problem, although the pair I’m working on now in superwash wool feels rather tight for their size.


I’ve made the adjustments for my gauge issues – I always have to drop at least one needle or hook size to get something close to the right size – so I’m hoping that moving up to a bigger needle will help with the cotton. Has anyone out there made cotton mittens before?


  1. Ugh, I won’t knit with cotton because no elasticity.

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