Posted by: Mare F | November 15, 2018

Thursday chat

Stash. I won’t ask if you have it because most of us do have a stash whether it be 5 skeins, 500 skeins, or somewhere in between. My question is, how do you store it? Are you wildly organized with labels and such or are a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person? Over the years my stash has grown, shrunk, and grown again. Because I knit and crochet for various groups as well as craft fairs I frequently get bags, boxes, and/or totes of yarns and accessories. This has made my storage rather fluid. Once upon a time I had a very tidy stash in small clear totes. The small totes

Looking at this picture just boggles my mind. It is so tidy…. Now.



And I have a few more totes off to the side.

So, which camp are you in on the stash storing question?


  1. I currently have 2 totes for projects and stash. One is completed projects that will fit in a tote. Unfortunately my finished afghans and throws will not fit in a tote so have to keep them on top of the tote. The other tote has yarn stash and I really need another tote for yarn stash and completed projects. I have 3 afghans in progress and a number of dishcloths in progress. Really don’t have a lot of space but may eventually need to get another tote for yarn stash and projects.

    • Nice! I did recently organize my stock into clear, labeled totes. I did take them all to the first show, but then decided that I would keep some large totes for the shows and I just dump everything into them. They are stacked in my workroom right now. Afghans are tricky to store…the top doesn’t close on that tote.

  2. I have totes, but they are crammed full of yarn in no particular order.

    • So, again, I am happily in good company so far. I have visions of tidiness and color coordination, but I fear that they may be just that…visions.

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