Posted by: Mare F | November 8, 2018

Thursday chat

What project, that you consider difficult, do you have on your life list? You know, the item that you see at the wool festival, in the yarn shop, on someone in the market, that makes your heart go pitty-pat. The project that you know will take concentration, learning, and perseverance? My goal is to make myself a Shetland lace stole. I don’t think that I have the intestinal fortitude to do either a square or round shawl, but I’m willing to give a stole my best shot. This book is on my wish list.

shetland lace

I suspect that I shall find some lovely things in here and hopefully the confidence to step off of the dock into the deep end of the pond. So, what project makes you smile and sweat all at the same time?


  1. Gorgeous! There is a sweater coat by Kaffe Fassett that I still think about knitting after 15 years or so. Maybe I’ll make it after I retire. It looks like a full time job!

    • Wow! I just looked him up, I am terrible with the names of designers, and his stuff is amazing. You are a brave, brave soul and I agree that it looks to be a full time project. How satisfying would it be, though to make one. Very nice!

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