Posted by: Mare F | October 25, 2018

Thursday chat

On a non-fiber, but definitely comfort-related, topic I would like to ask a question. Do you “put up” jams, butters, jellies, etc? This time of year tends to make me start nesting in anticipation of the snowy days that are common throughout New England. While I haven’t managed to sort out a solid schedule there have been a few years of dilled green beans & carrots, apple butter, apple cranberry butter (cranberries in the freezer from the previous year,) and apple pie filling.


In my mind it all comes together to make the house cozier for the winter months and gives me, at the very least, a yummy dessert to look forward to enjoying as the wind howls about the house. I suppose that fiber and food are two of my comfort zones and I deeply appreciate both! I do hope one day to do it all in a more organized manner, but for now the odd weekend of canning is good for me.


  1. I love Apple Butter but I prefer to buy over making it.

    • It can be easier that way and I’ve purchased more than one myself. Last year I made the cranberry apple butter and I swear it almost tastes like plum butter. LOL

  2. I meant to make apple butter this year. We picked a bushel, but they were all eaten!

    • LOL. I’ve had that same problem here. Glad that you enjoyed them!

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