Posted by: Mare F | October 15, 2018

Project resource reallocation…

is a polite way of saying that I’ve spent the better part of the weekend unraveling an astonishing amount of projects which I was not going to finish for one reason or another. Now, the sad thing is that these projects have been tucked away in the studio, each in their own little bag with directions (mostly) and tools….for just how long I’m not quite certain. A couple of the projects I couldn’t begin to remember why I’d even started them although that may be a memory rather than a project issue.



This is the first round of bags to be emptied. It was rather nice to find some lovely yarns and reasonable amounts of them. A few of the projects were doubled up which almost always indicates a speedy tidy up for company coming in the door. I’ve moved them on to clear plastic totes – so glad that the organizing bug hit me earlier this year so that I had plenty on hand.


Here are a few of them, sorry for the lighting, it was too brisk to open the blinds this morning when they were still out in the open, and my mind is already whirling with new plans for the fibers. So, how do you decide when to give up on a project, if you do, and what is the oldest project you have going right now?


  1. I generally take a long time to give up on a project. I recently did undo a project because I was making a dishcloth and then changed my mind and decided to make a dishtowel. I have one knitting project that is over a year old now I am sure just because I am not that proficient at knitting and have not worked on it at all and just found it in my stash. I actually have 2 oldest projects: two afghans, one is a granny square afghan and one is a half double crochet afghan in red heart soft. The granny square I just need to make time to work on it and get the order of the colors organized since its made with all variegated yarn. The red one I need to order more yarn to work on it.

    • I don’t give up often myself, Crystal. A couple of the bags didn’t have the directions in them so I’m not even sure what they started out to be. It felt good, though, to tidy up those loose ends. Now, the projects in the living room….LOL. I did finish a scarf that has been on the loom for over a year. I will wet finish it this afternoon.

  2. You are so organized! I have a couple of projects from January still on the needles, both hats. I will probably complete one because I love the yarn and pattern. The other one was my design and it is not coming along well so I will frog it and make something else with the yarn.
    These aren’t the oldest projects I have going, though. I have a sweater for my son going, and I am finally over the jump on that one!

    • It sounds like you are rather organized yourself. I do love it when a pattern and a yarn get along. I would love to see it when you are finished.

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