Posted by: Mare F | April 24, 2017

Latest case of startitis…

Over the past weekend I was battling the ick and as a result my projects got less and less complicated. On Wednesday afternoon I started the crocheted shawl Serene Shells from Lion’s Brand in Red Heart Symphony River Blue. It’s a delightful 2 row pattern that didn’t tax my tired mind.

newest shawls 002

By the time Friday rolled around I was home sick napping on the couch with a pot of lemon tea at hand and decided that the dark color was not working well will my itchy, swollen eyes so I started a poncho in a bright variegated cotton.

newest shawls 001

By Saturday afternoon I didn’t want to crochet any more so I started a mariner’s scarf in Red Heart Super Saver Dark Sage thinking that cold weather is coming and it never hurts to have lots of scarves about.

dark sage

I now have only about 3″ left on the scarf, the edging on the poncho, but lots to go on the shawl so guess what I’ll be doing after work between naps. When is the last time you experienced startitis?

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