Posted by: Mare F | April 17, 2017

Deconstucting a fairy circle

I missed posting last week because I was awakening my yard muscles by raking and moving bricks. The bricks were laid out around a row of shrubs we have at the side of the house mainly to make a straighter mowing path for the summer months. The year before that was done we set up the stone circle around the wisteria in the front yard. Bad idea.

studio pics break 033

I mistakenly thought that it would help contain the runners from the wisteria, but no, they are very tenacious and not only did they snarl up the area inside of the ring, but they also charged farther out into the yard introducing themselves to the hostas. This did not please me and made walking, and mowing, more interesting. I swear that the runners sneak up and wrap themselves around my ankles….

studio pics break 034

So, my Spring Break focus this year is to move the rocks from the fairy ring to the row of shrubs along the yard. I really am looking forward to tomorrow’s forecasted rain. There are a lot of rocks in that circle!

yard & pom-poms 004

It didn’t really rain much so I got more done than I expected to do. There are still a few more rocks to move, but since I don’t know just yet where I want to put them, and I certainly don’t want to move them twice, they will remain in place for just a little while longer….don’t need to mow just yet.

yard & pom-poms 003

And I still have the beds to tidy up. I shall be much more vigilant this fall…and I shall certainly start earlier in the season. When do you start to put your gardens to bed for the winter?


  1. I start cleaning up and getting the different beds ready…about the 2nd week in Sept…since I have so much area to cover..I do it in the end of Oct..I have everything cut down..covered, mulched, wrapped with burlap( we have high winds here on the hill). By the first of Nov., the last of the leaves are turned under in the big garden…the last of the straw is put in the yard for the girls…When the grass dies back, it becomes pretty muddy..and they can slip easily by the time the snows come…I start with a bale of straw…and by mid Feb…add another half them a soft surface to walk on..even if it snows or ices…Usually..the time it takes me to cover – the same amount of time to un-cover…

    • You do have this down to a science. I shall try to follow your lead so I’ll be hanging on all of your posts. Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • You are so sweet! It took me a long time to figure this out! I use to drive myself nuts…
        Look at how your things grow..and die..and the first dead, are the first taken off…either a food or a flower… the great reveal!! LOL!! all the straw and wraps come off..and everything looks naked! But it easy to see what survived..what needs moving what needs to be replaced..and April and May are good months for that.
        Fall…the gardens look a little some are cut down and covered..some are still growing..hehe..but by Nov..all is done..
        This is the start dead heading any bulbs that have bloomed..hyacinths, daffodils…..cut the blooms they take the strength from the want strong roots for the next year..and let the leaves stay put and die back natural..some people hate the is natural!! The leaves are what give the roots food..for next year…and they return to the soil..and help the soil!

    • Yes, your response just shows that I need to pay attention to what you are doing when you are doing it. πŸ˜‰

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