Posted by: Mare F | March 20, 2017

Softly wrapped

I’ve spent a bit of time this year making up warm wraps and ponchos. I found a number of wonderful bulky yarns on sale on Black Friday – online,  I’m too much of a coward to brave the stores on that day – and then started to play with patterns. It was made easier by having a series of bitterly cold weekends and I enjoyed the foray into bulky yarns more than I thought that I would do.

studio pics 009

The above shawl is 3 large granny squares in a variegated yarn. It worked up quickly with an “N” hook and I enjoyed it so much that I made a second just like it. Now I have to sew one button onto the front of it as a closure and I’ll be all set to post it on my studio. I think the closure will square it up and make it balance out a bit better.

studio pics 011

Then I went back to my old triangle standby once I thought about button closures on shawls and made up the following shawl. Now to find the buttons to work with the blue. It’s very soft and very warm. I’ve always enjoyed Red Heart Symphony yarn. Such interesting colors.

studio pics 012So, what has the cold weather inspired you to create, other than comfort foods, that is?

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