Posted by: Mare F | February 13, 2017

Winter in a weekend

We’d had a fairly mild winter here in northwest Connecticut until last Thursday. Winter Storm Chris (my son’s name, by the way, but no connection…that I know of) dumped 15″ of snow here in one day. Friday night we got another couple of inches, and then yesterday we got somewhere between 5″ – 8″. I don’t know exactly how much because I didn’t care enough to go outside and measure it. Today the wind is howling about the house and the temp has dropped from 30F to 23F since I got up 4 1/2 hours ago. This is brilliant crafting weather!

I had started these big knee socks a week ago and have been going back to them between the other projects. I have to take advantage of the colder weather to work with my bulky yarns because it will be warm before we know it.


This shawlette was inspired by one I saw probably on Pinterest. It wasn’t the same type of triangle shawl and what caught my attention was the buttons on the front. Love idea. Can’t imagine why it has never occurred to me except that button sewing on problem I have occasionally.


This last project is going to be a collared ponchette…of sorts. I just love the colors and the yarn is nice to knit. It should be nice and warm for those cold, wintery days. Hopefully, I will have a finish or two to show you next week. Until then, what’s the latest project you’ve started?



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