Posted by: Mare F | April 18, 2016

General store aspirations

One of my goals for my craft show and studio items is to become a “general store” of sorts for handmade useful items. I resisted the dish towels with crocheted tops for many years until it was pointed out to me that I could use a linen or cotton towel and not use acrylic yarn in beastly colors for the topper that I recall from my youth. That is a conversation that I wish I’d had sooner.

purple dish towels 001

After making up towels and dish clothes for a few years and selling quite a decent number of them I realised one day, taking inventory, that I had dish clothes made up of the same cotton I’d used on some of the towel toppers. Hmmm, wouldn’t a set be a good idea? Again, I was a bit slow on the uptake, but they have been surprisingly popular. They really do make a nice hostess gift or shower gift.

blog pics 004

Heavy duty crocheted kitchen towels are on my agenda now as well as some crocheted cotton edgings. I need to bump up my warm weather items so I thought that I would branch out into picture frames with crocheted bits on them, needle felted air fresheners, and crocheted baskets. What are some of your favorite warm weather craft show items?

towels, books, and hats 001




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