Posted by: Mare F | March 28, 2016

Knitting and crocheting for babies

I’ve rarely knitted or crocheted items for babies to sell and it’s not because I don’t want to do it’s  because in my experience it’s very difficult to determine the size of the item unless you have the baby in front of you for verification. Inevitably, someone will ask, “Will this fit a such-and-such aged child?” I just can’t tell. On several occasions I’ve ended up making more than one item because of size issues, but at least hats, mittens, and booties work up quickly. Then it occurred to me that I should just make up several different sizes and colors to have on hand.Then I would just have to work out an try-out/exchange/return plan.  Just wish I’d thought of it sooner. Now to come up with the time to implement this possible solution.

hats 002

In the past, and as recently as this past weekend, I did crochet up some gowns for the NICU at Hartford Hospital. A dear friend, and truly lovely lady, sews the buttons on for me, washes them in the appropriate detergent and delivers them to the hospital. She also makes them from wedding gowns that have been donated for that purpose and they are lovely. I love to play with color on these gowns because if I can bring a small bit of comfort to a parent I will be more than content with the result. I fell a bit short last year and didn’t manage to make any Santa hats for preemies, but I hope to start those this week so I have a few come November.

NICU gown 001

Stuffed animals have crossed  my radar also, but my concerns about stuffing quality and suitability have outweighed my desire to make them for sale. I do have a couple of patterns of sheep and bunnies that I will make up to gift, but I just haven’t been comfortable enough to design and make my own. Do you make animals and am I being overly cautious?



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