Posted by: Mare F | January 22, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday – one day late…

I was thrilled to find a copy of Weldon’s New Woollies for our Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen. It is part of the Knitting Series No. 24 and was originally published in 1935 and Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions have issued  a wonderful unabridged edition complete with advertisements.


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I’ve found that many of the old patterns are well thought out and fill a definite need. One of the items I have not been able to keep in stock at craft fairs is a keyhole scarf adapted from a WWII pattern so finding this edition was very exciting for me. One project that I’m very much looking forward to making is the Battle-Dress Under-Collar which looks much like a tailored button cowl. The Ribbed Helmet with Peak is another one I’m itching to try as soon as I’ve filled all of my orders. I can see now that I don’t have too much yarn, but more that I just don’t have enough time.

If you do get the opportunity to peruse this booklet please do, and then let me know if you found a project that would make you or someone you love very happy.

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