Posted by: Mare F | August 30, 2015

Summer chores

It’s the last Sunday in August and I’m just amazed. It feels like I was just planting the garden a couple of weeks ago and now I’m looking at some lovely plants – both vegetable and weeds – growing in the garden. I’m seeing the first hint of color in the leaves and the past couple of mornings have had that lovely autumn crispness to them.


sunflowers 001








I’ve been busy all summer, but we’ve only managed one dyeing party so far. Perhaps today I’ll figure out the different dates and try to organize another before the snow flies although if the drive is bare, but  dyeing then would be just fine as well.


dyeing party 007


And the show season has started. I was at Elihu Burritt Day in New Marlborough, MA. two weeks ago and once again enjoyed myself immensely. What a lovely celebration that is and I really do meet the nicest people there. It did take me an additional day to sort out the packing of the car – trunk has display items in it for the duration because really, I don’t  want to carry all of this stuff in and out of the house every time I have a show. The schedule is just about a show every 2 – 3 weeks for the next 3 months!


Organizing 001







So here is to preparing for cooler weather, falling leaves, and meeting many new people…it’s show time, folks!

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