Posted by: Mare F | May 31, 2015

The week of scattered projects

Every once in a while I can’t seem to settle into any of the current projects I have going. I normally have at least 3 and those are split between crochet, knit, and complexity. There are days when anything more challenging than a lap robe (crochet) or a dish cloth (knit) are beyond my tired mind so there are usually one of each of those two items on the hook/needles. Then we get into the times when something new is needed just to spice crafting time up a bit and this is where the trouble starts. Yesterday afternoon, after hours of yard work in the warm, humid air, I thought that making some hair scrunchies would be just the thing. Simple, or fairly so, and quickly finished. I gathered up some colored cottons, some beads, and a packet of hair bands that I’d purchased over a year ago for just this reason and headed to the couch. Here is the result.


blog 003








I realized when I picked up the ball of cotton that it was just about full so the thrifty side of me said, “make a doily or two and then move on the hair scrunchies with the leftover bits.” How can I argue with my thrifty side?



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This keyhole scarf I started at the beginning of the week when I realized that I hadn’t been keeping up with my stock replenishing plan. The plan was to add a certain number of items that sell well to the stock each month so when the big shows got closer it wasn’t a crazy rush to bulk up my booth. These don’t take long, but I’ve made so many that at times it’s much like watching the grass grow. I shall finish this one today!

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And here we have the lap/carriage robe. I love this pattern and it’s a great one for using up the odd skein of yarn plus I try to send a few to the VA every December because they will sit nicely over a lap in a wheel chair. I had to dig around a bit to find more pastel baby colors because these also work really well as shower gifts and will stay with the child for a few years. Now, I also started a crocheted sweater for myself, I have a pair of 2-at-a-time mittens on the 40″ circular needle, I finished another baby gown yesterday, approximately 5 hours were managed on the spinning wheel this week, another pointed shawlette is on the needles upstairs (I work on this one while I’m reading in bed), and I’ve a two-toned dish cloth in my work bag that I pick away at during my lunch at school. It was a bit scattered, wasn’t it? Do you have wandering weeks too?



  1. wow well done! Hmm I need to get on with my WIPs and UFOs as well!

    • Sometimes it easier to decide to do it than to actually organize it. LOL. Good luck and let me know what you find to work for you!

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