Posted by: Mare F | April 9, 2015

Reading Corner Thursday returns

As I’m certain I’ve commented every time I’ve returned from an absence it’s been a very busy and interesting time here in northwest CT. I don’t quite seem to accomplish as much as I’d like to do, but there has always been something going on. Since it’s the end of March and a particularly wicked winter my thoughts have moved on to the backyard and some of the planting I hope to do in a couple of months. This leads me to the book I’d like to talk about today.


harvesting color

This book has been my companion on several dreary winter afternoons over the past  month. I’ve used some of the information at my dyeing parties last summer and I look forward to actually adding some of the plants to my garden beds this year. The pictures are inspiring, the information easy to understand, and I think it makes a lovely addition to the library of anyone interested in natural dyes.

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