Posted by: Mare F | October 24, 2014

Reading corner Thursday

I really should know better than to try to start new things during busy times, but that is when the ideas seem to come to me. Does this happen to you also? You’d think that my mind would be full of stuff that needs to be done, but no, it just keeps coming up with more things to do. At least they are fun things.

last wool


This week the book I’m chirping up about is Molly MacRae’s Last Wool and Testament. It takes place in Plum Creek, Tennessee where Kath Rutledge inherits her grandmother’s fiber and fabric shop, The Weaver’s Cat. This book is full of fun characters – both living and dead,  it’s well written, the mystery is well plotted, and has fun tidbits about fiber arts. This is the first in The Haunted Yarn Shop series and a most enjoyable one at that. If you have some time and would like to while away an afternoon then I highly recommend this enjoyable book.


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