Posted by: Mare F | September 14, 2014

Sunday morning.

It’s very peaceful and crisp this morning. This weather cues the preparations for a comfortable New England winter and I find myself starting to nest. I’ve been busy lately, but haven’t really too much to show for my efforts. I spend one day unknitting things that I’d made and was unhappy with for one reason or another. A sweater that was far too big, a cape with the same problem, a shawl with an interesting error in the middle of the back, and a couple of smaller things. The yarns are all stashed in individual bags awaiting the inspiration on the next form that they will take.

One of the casualties

One of the casualties










One of my customers asked me for an afghan in blue for a wedding next month and since I’ve not a one made I decided to travel back in time and try something different with granny squares. I haven’t made them in years and I believe I’ve aired my opinions of items which need tedious assembly, but for some reason it just feels like the thing to do. It may have something to do with the fact that a woman I greatly admire is quilting today and I love her work. It’s not the same thing, but it’s as close as I’ll ever come to quilting.


more g squares 001

Now for the learning portion of my recent experiences. I’m in a fiber club hosted by Paradise Fibers and every month they send me a box of assorted rovings to spin. It’s wonderful. They send blends and fibers that I wouldn’t begin to know where to find as well as a write-up of each fiber in the package. The company has also recently started hosting CALs, KALs, and SALs on Ravelry. I think I mentioned the CAL, which was the Sweet Eleanor Scarf (I like the pattern so much that I’ve made 2 so far!) and I started the KAL – a Chunky Cabled Bag – but life got in my way and I never got it completed. They are currently hosting a SAL and while my spinning is far from perfect I thought it might inspire me to stretch my wings. The challenge is to embed or autotwist at least 4 oz. of yarn. This might just be over my head, but I plan to spend today watching every spinning video and download I’ve purchased and then stepping off into the deep end of the pool. What is the last thing  that you did that took you out of your comfort zone and how did it work out?


black roving 001


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