Posted by: Mare F | June 24, 2014


This past weekend I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful woman at her darned near perfect home in New Hampshire. We met on Facebook when she offered me the fleece from her llamas and Jacob sheep. It was one of the best fleece experiences I’ve ever had. She is a charming lady with lots of commonsense and when we met it felt as if we’d been chatting for ages. It was a treat to meet the animals who supplied the fleeces I will spin even if they weren’t quite as impressed with us as we were with them. I will picture their expressions with each step in the processing with a smile on my face.

Annnie 001








This is Annie’s fleece. She is the Jacob sheep and her coloring is absolutely gorgeous! I’m looking forward to seeing the resulting yarns and already working out what I will knit up with it.


Sweet Eleanor CAL finish 001

On another note, I’ve almost finished up the Paradise Fibers Sweet Eleanor Scarf/shawlette CAL on Ravelry. If I get just get myself out to the kitchen to block it out all will be good and I will be officially finished with it, but we are all aware of just how much I enjoy blocking….


scarf 001






I also finally finished the scarf I’m making for a friend and I’m quite pleased with the way that the colorway worked up with this pattern. I’d have been done much sooner if I hadn’t had to try at least 6 different patterns before finding the right one for this yarn. Usually the yarn is much more communicative and I don’t have to work this hard at matching the two, but I may just be a little nervous about this one, I really want her to enjoy it. What have you been working on lately?



  1. Beautiful scarves. I love the wool.

    • Thank you. I really enjoyed making both of them. The challenging part will be cleaning up the wool and spinning it. LOL

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