Posted by: Mare F | May 30, 2013

Creative Slump

I’m still seem to be in a bit of a slump and I can’t quite figure out why. It’s spring, there are amazing blossoms, colors, and scents all around. The weather is invigorating and yet I can not decide on a project which makes me happy. I have begun countless sweaters, scarves, and shawls only to take them all apart. There is a sock waiting to be finished that I snub my nose at daily.


Okay, so maybe not the best colors to choose, but I like them. I went to the WEBS Anniversary Tent sale with wonderful friend and inspiration Jennifer, and we had a great time. I bought lots more yarn, she did not. She said she was shopping for Father’s Day and that’s what she did. She’s so good.

WEBS May 2103 006I love the yarns that I bought, the Berroco linen blends are to die for and they were amazingly inexpensive. I think a Wingspan shawl may be on the agenda for them. I do have some projects going now that I’m happy with, although the Wingspan was a tough row to hoe and I’ll chat about that next time. It just feels so good to be excited about projects I’ve got going and I’m already looking at yarns and planning more things to make. I do believe my muse has returned. Here’s to muses everywhere, may we manage to keep them appeased!

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