Posted by: Mare F | March 24, 2013

More winter than yarns

Here in southern New England, even though we’ve passed the first day of spring, winter will just not give up its hold on us. As much as I love my fibers and being able to work with them, I am itching to get outside and plan which dye plants to put where in my yard. I’ve worked in more beds for that purpose and I feel that its high time that the snow subside. Can you tell we’d been spoiled last year? It wouldn’t be quite so bad, I think, if the weather didn’t warm enough to melt most of the snow before we got dumped on again. Every time I think to myself, “I know what I’m doing this weekend” another storm comes along. Now, mind you, I’ve never hated a reason to work with my yarn, but there comes a time when a body just wants to be outdoors and able to bend one’s arms….

HPIM1563I’ve started many projects, finished some, taken others apart, and I just think that it’s time to move outdoors and recharge the creativity portion of my brain. I find myself spending more time than I’d like trying to decide which pattern to start next or losing track of what I’d planned to do and I think some good old-fashioned strenuous activity is called for to banish the “numb brain” syndrome. I did manage to finish a lovely yellow cowl made of some wonderful Malabrigo yarn I got on my last trip to Marji’s Yarncrafts in Granby, CT. It is almost sinfully soft. I have a skein of bright yellow Lopi I got on the same trip to make a matching set of mittens. I shall be very stylish, and bright, next winter!

HPIM1574And today I am working on some small sheep, finishing a moss stitch headband in a beautiful green tweed as well as a braided scarf I found yesterday while “cleaning” my house. Clearly I’m doing that little chore far too infrequently. Oh, and I hope to finish my second pair of socks. I should probably wrap this up because looking at what I plan to do today only shows me that I am more than a tad optimistic. What are your fiber plans for the rest of this first weekend of spring 2013?

Today's optimistic plan...

Today’s optimistic plan…

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