Posted by: Mare F | October 21, 2012

The yarns have dried

Just a quick post today. I wanted to share the pictures of the yarns that I dyed last week once they dried. It really was a great experience and now I just have to get winding more skeins so that I can move on with to the red cabbage leaves  and brighter Kool-Aid colors. Below is the first Kool-Aid dye job of Lemonade and Orange Kool-Aids done in the crock pot.

Next up is the Grape and Cherry Kool-Aid experiment. I pulled this one out more quickly than the other because I was afraid that the Grape would overrun the Cherry. I needed have worried, the Cherry held its own very well.

And last but certainly not least the Marigold blossom dyed skein. I got an order for a woven shawl out of this yarn a couple of days ago so once I post this picture I’m off to finish warping my loom. I hope everyone has a great week and gets some time to play with their particular creative outlet. It really does soothe the mind.


  1. I love the subtle colours of these yarns. Interesting that you’ve used the crock pot … I’ve never tried that! One question – are these colourfast? =D

    • They ran clear on the rinse. I’ll let you know after I’ve worked them up. The Marigold will fade.

  2. very nice. I use the micro wave in a plastic icecream pail for koolaid. It worked out to be expensive, so I bought some colourways dyes. They are not toxic, you can use them in cake icing up till you add 2 bbp of vinegar. You can add a pot dye, where you soak yarn in vinegar and water for 45 min. Then have hot water on stove ( use this pot only for dying. ) I mix say, three colours and add therm one in drops around the outside, then a second colour in between, finally fill in light areas with third colour. You get amazing variety yarn.

  3. That all sounds great, Lea. Thank you. I think I’ll try that next up.

  4. Cool. How long does it typically take for dyed yarn to dry?

    • It depends on the thickness of the wool, but this time it took about 4 days between rain and all of the moisture in the kitchen from liquids simmering. They can’t be dried in direct sunlight for fear of fading and these were light weight enough that I was concerned about snarling in the heavy breezes we had that weekend. I expect inside during the winter months it will be fairly quick.

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