Posted by: Mare F | October 11, 2012

Autumn is here

I’ve been dreadfully absent lately and for that I truly apologize. The sad thing is I really don’t have much to show for it either. The time has just seemed to vanish. My gardens are not put to bed yet and we’re predicted for a frost on Friday night. This could be problematic. My marigolds have done amazingly well and if I want to use them I’ll have to get them cut before then, but I think that I will have to use them relatively quickly. I can’t imagine that dried out they will supply the same colors, but I could be mistaken. Something that bears looking into in the very near future.

Our local knitting and crochet group meets this afternoon. I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone as I missed last week due to a cold. I thought it best if I didn’t infect my friends…they tend to take a dim view of that. At home I have a basket of scarves that I’ve knitted to donate, but I’ve yet to weave in my ends and truly finish them. My focus is hanging out with time lately and neither of them is anywhere near me. I warped my Rigid Heddle loom over the weekend and have most of a scarf woven, but then I just stopped. Now it’s sitting in the middle of the floor. There is one half-fingered glove started and it’s living beneath my coffee table. The bag holding my first raglan sweater is now closer to the couch and I’ve started work on the second sleeve so there really isn’t much left, but does that make me move any faster on it? No, not at all. I’ve put a new pattern and yarn into my bag for my meeting this afternoon. Does this make me hopeless?

How many projects do you have going right now and are you working on them in an orderly manner?


  1. I’ll have a couple soon as Christmas is around the corner.

    • I haven’t even gotten that far. I’m working on the show I do every November at school. Yikes. Christmas!

  2. I’ve got a blanket to crochet and 2 cross stitches to finish, plus I have several decorations I’d like to make for Christmas…where does all the time go to?!

    • LOL. I understand. I’m working toward a craft fair next month, then I’ll panic about the holidays. Good luck.

  3. Ah, should have read this post first. Looks like you pick the marigold blossoms while they are still blooming. As to your question, I have been working on a blanket, one that will cover a certain teenage boy so it’s fairly long and taking a long time. I have stopped to knit smaller items just to give me a sense of accomplishment. Back to the blanket now that the holidays are getting nearer.

    • I understand about smaller projects. What pattern are you using for the afghan?

      • It’s actually a very simple garter stitch all the way with some color changes. It is looking nice but the same stitch over and over gets a little boring after a while.

  4. Yes, I can see where it would be a bit tiresome, but I’ll bet it’s very nice. Will you post pics when you’re done?

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