Posted by: Mare F | May 20, 2012

Time is spinning away…

I just don’t know where it gets to…time. It seems as though just when I think I’m almost caught up I’m once again out of time. It is spring and that may just be part of the problem. I know I’ve commented on the unusual weather we’ve had here in southern New England for the past year, but honestly, I don’t recall mowing my lawn for the third time the week BEFORE Memorial Day! The only good thing that I can see about this is that my mowing muscles will be okay by the time I get to my planting muscles next week. And then there is the plant selection….

On to the topic I’d meant to comment on today. Lately it’s been baby afghans in my world. It seems as though a good portion of the young ladies I am acquainted with right now under the age of 30 are pregnant so I have been making baby blankets for the past couple of weeks. Most of them are for boys and happily no one has seen fit to request pastel pink or blue for their infant’s warmers. There is nothing wrong with pastel colors, but when I make 4 baby afghans in a row I like to have some variety. This also tells me that I’m falling down on my stock. There was a time when I had at least 6 assorted baby afghans tucked away and ready to go. Hmmmm, more time passing….

I’ve also managed to work entirely out of my stash which makes me very happy. There is plenty more upstairs, but I feel good knowing that I am slowing picking away at it. Now if I can only get myself on some kind of a schedule for making certain items I can clean up my stash AND be ready at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t that be lovely???

I should have the squares assembled by this afternoon then they all be washed – machine wash and dry is a must for baby woobies in my mind – and then I shall be down to one. After that I will start on the bib/washcloth sets which I believe I’d intended to start 2 months ago. So, tell me, how is your stock of gift items?


  1. Luckily I don’t have any items to make for gifts.

    • I really was very organized years ago. I just don’t know what happened. Your quilts are very specific, aren’t they?

      • Only if commissioned. I tend to make them when the mood hits me and then have it as a quick gift for those unexpected events.

      • Do you do a lot of commissioned quilts? They really are lovely.

  2. i am trying to deign and knit a Christening gown, and other project seem to get in the way.

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? I don’t think I’m really doing more now…it just seems to take longer to do it.

  3. I like the idea of having a stash made up ahead of time! I’ve been involved in a long term project lately. I had a cute pattern but discovered it carried the threads across the back to make the picture. How does that work for a baby? I went online and learned how to double-knit, and adapted the pattern. I’m really enjoying the process but I figure it will take about a zillion years, so I’m having to make other gifts in between. Time to get a stash in place!

    • Wow, you are a much braver person than I. I would love to see it when your done. Do you have pics up now?

  4. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award here:

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