Posted by: Mare F | May 3, 2012

This is just the way I’ve been feeling lately. I can’t decide if it’s the odd weather we’ve been having or the fact that I used up my entire Spring Break cleaning and organizing, but I’m with Weezie here, ready to camp on the couch and catch a catnap.

And just when I thought I had enough hobbies I was queried by a lovely lady with whom I work about looking at a rug her mother had done quite a bit of work on before she passed away last winter. Of course I said I would do what I could and while it will require a bit of research, I really don’t think I know anyone who does this particular rug making, I think I shall enjoy learning something new. There will also be the added bonus of not having to do the entire rug myself while being a position to see the completed work. It looks to be a win/win for both of us.

This same wonderful woman brought in a kit for an afghan to give me. She didn’t want it back, but I may offer it to her for one of the grandchildren or her sister. I’ve never done this type of work before and I think it looks interesting. If I can comfortably master this I may just start buying the material and using up my stash. This could be just a free-form blast. It’s called an Irish Candlewick afghan and I think it looks very interesting. I would love to hear from anyone who has done this type of work. It says something about me, I think, that I was very excited that the outside label and the chart were intact in the box. Nothing more challenging than trying to find directions to something that is at least 30 years old and no longer sold.  This weekend looks to be challenging while I watch the Kentucky Derby and sorting out directions for one of my two new hobbies.


  1. Good luck with your two new hobbies.

    • Thanks, Dru Ann. I think it will be fun if occasionally frustrating.

  2. I am hoping to learn how to do rage woven rugs. They look interesting.

    • Those are on my list also. I’ve finally gotten my large loom in place and I’ve seen piecing out old wool jackets & skirts, sweatshirts & pants, and tee shirts. Do you have a loom?

      • Yes two loom, two spinning wheels, and two knitting machines

  3. Wow, you have all of the good toys.

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