Posted by: Mare F | April 8, 2012

Still organizing

Who knew it could take this long? It feels as though I’ve been organizing myself forever here, okay, maybe only a few months, but still, I think that my surroundings should be in a little better shape. I have made progress, I will admit that, and my stashes are smaller…for all of my various hobbies, but there is still so much to do.

Soon to be organized?

One idea that came to me in the past week, and it’s actually an idea I got from a woman I know who cross stitches. is to actually put yarn from my stash into bags with the patterns that I would like to use them to make. That will show me just how many projects I have in my future. It will also hopefully keep me from buying any more yarn, although with the Connecticut Sheep Breeders Wool Festival the end of this month it seems a stretch. It will also use up those lovely little handled bags I get in shops that I don’t want to toss out, but really aren’t much good for anything else. I can just picture them now sitting proudly in a row on the shelf just waiting to be grabbed and completed. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Now, to actually put it into action.

I have the week after next off for our school’s spring break. I’m very much looking forward to it, but I fear that once again my expectations will exceed my abilities. Weather permitting I will do some work in my flower beds,  preparing them for the dye plants I want to start this year. If the weather doesn’t permit that, well, then I’ll just trot upstairs and start bagging up my projects. Of course this will entail going through my pattern books and working out yardage and weights. Hmm, this could be how the distractions start….hours spent with pattern books. Do you find that you are easily lured into pattern books as well?


  1. I know how you feel… I have a whole store room full of yarn, fabrics, findings and other odds and sods that need sorting out and tidying up! But whenever I go in there with the best intentions, I end up distracted. Keeping patterns with the yarn is a good idea. I don’t really work with patterns that much but I love browsing through books and magazines that feature them nonetheless!

    • I’m afraid if I don’t put the pattern, even if I have to hand write it, with the yarn then I will start the wonderful journey through the magazines all over again. LOL. I can be so easily distracted.

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