Posted by: Mare F | March 8, 2012

Spring in the air

This afternoon I flat out played hookey! I had chores to do when I got home, I had projects to start, items to list, and still when I came into the house from work I grabbed my knapsack. Once it was filled with a water bottle, the first square of my second All Buttoned Up shawl from Austentatious Crochet, a pad, a pen, my camera, and my cell phone, I picked up my walking stick, donned one of my Bonsai shawls and headed out the front door. The temp was 65 degrees F and it was very windy, but it was too nice a day to stay inside so I told myself that I was off to get inspiration and clear out some of the winter cobwebs.

Uh huh. It worked, although my allergies are thinking about visiting, it was a great day for a walk and I felt so much better when I got home albeit a bit stiff. I walk quite a bit at work, but it’s all on the flat so walking up and down small hills is a much needed change of pace.

I’m not sure if these pictures will do me any good, not sure what inspiration they will bring, but it was certainly worth my while to sit on the breakwater and do a bit of crocheting before the clouds arrived in earnest. This weekend the temps will drop back to normal winter weather, but I did have my little taste of spring and only we are the wiser. Has spring visited you yet?


  1. love your pictures.

    • Thank you. It was a great hookey afternoon. It was awfully windy, but nice.

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