Posted by: Mare F | October 3, 2011

Decisions, decisions. What shall I do next?

Do you have as much trouble as I when trying to decided just how to spend your crafting moments? I look around my home and see all of my wonderful tools/toys and it’s just very, very hard to decided which one is up. Yes, there are times when I have orders, or I need to make stock for a show or my online studio, but on the occasions when I get to pick a pattern, a yarn, a fiber at will I know that I lose valuable time by wandering around feeling my fibers, petting my yarns, stroking my wheel, looms, and or squirrel cage swift. Oh, and I’ve added a clock reel winder to the mix.

It was given to me by a friend who has several. It is in need of a little bit of loving so I’ve been researching them on the internet in an attempt to find out just how many pieces I am missing. Then I’ll spend some time on the internet looking for the missing parts or someone who can make them. For now I’m just very amused with this winder.

I just finished the crossed shawl in Universal Classic Shade yarn for my lys. It came out rather nicely, if I do say so myself, and I look forward to getting the yarn to make my own. The Classic Shades colors are  wonderful and it’s such a nice yarn to work with that I see it becoming a stock pre-spun yarn in my home. There is a blue that is just winking and waving at me. Soon, I think…..

Also recently finished is a baby boy knitted hat and thumbless mittens for a friend’s grandbaby. It was fun and I haven’t done either one in years. I’d forgotten just how quickly they work up. I’ve also volunteered to knit up some mittens for a friend’s church group.  This should probably be a priority as it’s gotten rather chilly here and I know that cold weather will be here in no time. Do you craft for charities?


  1. I like the shawl..nice color combination.

    • Thank you. I do like it done, but I was hesitant at first. This was the model for the shop.

  2. I think your shawl is very pretty, great job!
    I havent crocheted in years, but I love homemade items.

    • Thank you. If you ever decide to start crocheting again, I’ll back you all the way. lol Frustration loves company!

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