Posted by: Mare F | August 31, 2011

Welcome to my fiber journey.

Hello, I’m Mare. Crocheting and knitting have been a big part of my life for the past 45+ years and it’s only recently I have begun to look beyond the conventional brand name yarns. I feel cheated.  It’s an amazing world out there in fiber land and I’m very, very sorry that it took me this long to discover it.Seriously, it may be because my mother bought strictly name brand yarns or because I had never really been in an independent yarn shop, but I just lived with Red Heart for years. I like Red Heart and I’ve made some lovely items with it, but there are so many more touchy feely yarns out there that it should be considered a sin not to experiment even if it’s just a simple scarf. I’ll just have to live this journey to the fullest and hope that you are interested in taking it with me. I would love the company and any experiences you may have to share with me.

I received my first loom, an Ashford Rigid Heddle 24″, for Christmas this past year and while I was a bit nonplussed about the elephant in my livingroom the first couple of days, once we bonded it was a friendship for a lifetime. I now look at absolutely everything differently…as in, “Can I weave it into something?”  The loom is what started me thinking about spinning my own yarn, a thought that may have passed through my mind 40 years ago but foundered when there was no one in my little world from whom to learn this wonderful skill. That changed, as did many things in the past 6 months and my home becomes much more interesting each day.

First fiber purchased to spin.

This is the first step and I will share the ensuing steps as I take them whether they be solid steps or step-offs. I hope that you’ll be here to share them with me because after living with myself for as long as I have I’m relatively certain that it will be an amusing adventure to behold.



  1. Hi Mare! What a cool idea & way to document the learning process. I still think that pile of wool looks like so much fun. 😀

    • LOL. Thanks. I thought I should share the enjoyment with those around me. Wouldn’t want to spoil Doug too much.

  2. this is so cool! Can’t wait to see your process.

    • Thank you, Dru. I’m very excited and really can’t decide which direction to turn first. LOL

  3. OOhhh Welcome to the fluffy side of things! That loom looks so awesome! I wanted one for the longest time now! How wonderful it is to branch out, no?
    I’m a knitter and spinner myself and have to say: that fleece looks gorgeous! Have fun playing with the fluffy stuff! 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m really looking forward to the spinning. I have two small balls spun and see my fall and winter being much more productive. How long have you been spinning?

  4. Looks like a lot of work! Is all the fleece cleaned already or do you have to do that too before you can start? Good luck, enjoy!

    • That is a picture of the raw fleece I got in Canaan from a lovely lady. It was not clean, I’ve been working on it a bit at at time. It’s easier to get it to dry when it’s not humid and raining. LOL. Are you needle felting yet? I plan to do some dyeing before I spin.

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